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The Levitation Meditation

Copyright 2004
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese

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The Levitation Meditation

Thus far, the best explanation I have come across, for how Sanskrit Mantra works, comes from Thomas Ashley-Farrand, the author of 'Mantra, Sacred Words of Power'
In this fabulous audio-tape set, he explains that by using a mantra, by virtue of repeating it, the vibrations from it permeate your entire being, and overcome all the current vibrations that you may be subject to, thus diminishing them and their corresponding thoughts, thus silencing the mind.

I believe, that, because of this, the mind kicks into the 'Alpha Brainwave' state.

This Alpha brainwave state,  as told by 70's bio-feedback expert and author, Jesse Stearns, produces miraculous results. Simply introduce your desires at this level, and then, get the heck out of the way! as Nature goes to work for you.

Could it be, oh kindest people, that this is the state described by Jesus as 'The Kingdom of Heaven within', and is where you may introduce your desires, through prayer, chanting, visualization, affirmations, etc, etc?...
Yes, Oh Kindest People! Jesus may have been talking about this. "Seek Ye first The Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall come to you."
Furthermore, as Lord Krishna said 60,000 moons ago, " Even a little of this dharma (activity), delivers from great fear." And so, by silencing the mind's thoughts, using the techniques offered here, fearful thoughts will diminish as well, so I believe that Lord Krishna was referring to these techniques.
Meditation is generally accepted as as way to have peace of mind, greater clarity of thinking, expanded mental capabilities, and ultimate attainment of enlightenment. I have been meditating an average of two hours a day for twenty-five years now.
Many scientific tests have been conducted that show the benefits of meditation although they have somehow eluded me.
I realize that time is precious for most, and I know some of you may not see any value in spending time in meditation. That's alright too. Just bring these words along with you and whenever you are stressed, just read the words out loud or in silence and feel the effect.
This new technique that I have just received thru the Magnetic Pendulum, is still very young. Established 2001. I personally have found it to be really great. 
Please let my twenty-five years of experience in meditation and other related activities as well as the God's Algorithm Phenomena be your assurance that this knowledge that I have received from the Spirits is really great!

It bears repeating... Jesus said, “Seek ye first, The Kingdom of Heaven...and all things will come to you.”

He also said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” And to reach it, He said, “Repent, for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” in which He  meant... 'meditate, because that is how you will get to the Kingdom'.
Don Jyovi wants you to "Take off eh!"
No, I am not a Mackenzie brother *lol*, but I do deify beer like they do. Ahhh! nothing like an ice cold brewsky on a hot summer day!...on the beach!...checkin out the babes!...Aahh yes!...getting my vitamin b's! buzz and babes!
Well...what I mean is lift off....Yes, Master Enlightener of the Universe is cooking up another concoction!
Swami Satchitananda explains in his commentary book, 'The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali' how by repeating the characteristics of even inanimate objects, one can draw those desired traits to themselves. For example, for levitation, one needs to repeat such objects that will attain this.
In my travels, I stumbled across these three words. Lahghaya=.which means light (as opposed to heavy), and Oodawna=which means to fly and Ut Kah Lah=which means rising
Through my communications with Guru Dev, Maharishi's now deceased Teacher, using the magnetic pendulum, in which I am using His help for finding the right words to use for levitation, I learned that He approves of these three.
I found Laghaya in this library in Salisbury, North Carolina, where I went to once, to research prospects for my pizza server invention, and while I took a break, I went browsing through the spiritual section and I came across this humongous Sanskrit dictionary. I mean this book was big. It looked out of place next to all the ordinary sized books. It was about 12 inches wide by 20 inches long and about 6 inches thick with a hard cover. Bear in mind, I wasn't in Tibet! This is North Carolina! I mean, at any moment I expected Don Knotts, as Deputy Barney, to come in and write me up for parking my big rig in the parking lot. Salisbury is a just small town.
 I went to get my magnetic pendulum out of the truck, and went to work on the book. So, out there in the open, I was using the pendulum to ask Guru Dev, his opinion about this word and that. I made no attempt to hide it. I could just imagine what the others must have been thinking. I figured that by the time anybody made up their mind about this, I'd be long gone.
Yes, thinking back now, in light of the power of this word that I found there, and all the other wild stuff that was happening to me with God's Algorithm, it was as if God didn't want me to miss this.
Now, at the time I was in the midst of putting together the Free-Flow Hymn/Stressbuster Meditation and had included Laghaya in it, but took it out. Back then,  I had just begun a head cold which it seemed was aggravated by using this word, or it was possible that this word had started it, so I decided it was best to leave it out.
But of late, I have been using it with no ill effect, in fact, it's quite a word to use! and although I have known Laghaya since then, I only just recently got the idea to build a levitation mantra. Some new understandings about the nature of things made this possible.  I picked up Oodawna and Utkalah just recently and there is definitely something there!... with these three words.
UtKalah which means 'up-rising' came to me in my meditation (in english form). I , at the time was using just Laghaya and Oodawnah, but was looking for a third word, because Guru Dev said it was needed. Anyway, 'up-rising' came clear as a bell. I knew it was not my own thought because it didn't feel like it, and to me, up-rising had negative connotations anyway, as in riots, rebellions... Later, as I was looking in my own Sanskrit dictionary and asking Guru Dev about this word and that, He favored UtKalah and later I realized that Utkalah meant up-rising. Ut=up...Kalah=rising.
So...Try this combination! Guru Dev likes this!
If this mantra causes you to have discomforts of any kind, simply back off from using it for a while. This applies to any of my mantra formula that I offer.
First say 
Dish Tyaw Day Vwah (Thank You God)
Tan Naw Tee Awsh Vwah Sah Jaw Yah Tay ( to stretch, to breathe easy, become)
Then sing  

Lah Gahah Yah Yah Jaw Yah Tay
Ut Kah Lal Yah Jaw Yah Tay
Ooh Daw Nah Yah Jaw Yah Tay

like this

Lah is ‘f’ (one count)
Gaha is ‘a’ (one count)
Yah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
Ut is ‘f’ (one count)
Kah is ‘a’ (one count)
Lah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
Ooh is ‘f’ (one count)
Daw is ‘a’ (one count)
Nah is ‘b flat’ (two counts)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Jaw is 'd' (one count)
Yah is 'd' (one count)
Tay is 'd' (one count)
Repeat this over and over for five minutes, and bear in mind, your intent to levitate, by focusing on the meaning of the words, it may help to repeat 'to become rise fly...' as well.
Furthermore, I read this article about ancient Sanskrit texts that were talking about flying machines that were using the power of Lhaghima, the power of centrifugal force overcoming gravity, and so I tried maintaining this thought as I practiced this meditation and found it to have a profound effect. I actually added the mantra in English of 'centifugal,gyroscopic tendencies'
You just might levitate with this one!... although it may take a while before the vibrations of these words take root.

The Sanskrit term for vibration..."Spanda"
use it with the term "anti-gravitational frequencies for my body" you visualize the outline of you body...allow deeper breathing that will spontaneously occur from this exercise
happy levitation across the nation! oh kindest people :)

Enjoy this latest addition...oh kindest people

The Sanskrit term for action/initiative/movement is "Jayata"

so try
Spanda Jayata Laghaya Utkala Oodawna
repeating over and over
both in Sanskrit and then in English
to mean
Vibrational initiative... To become light... To rise up... To fly

May this bring you to Supreme Enlightenment!

Thank You
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese